Newcomers arrive in a town by steam locomotive train. Teddy Flood (James Marsden) a young man, walks through the old western town. A posse is being organized to chase a man who murdered the Marshal. Teddy goes to a saloon, he turns down a hooker, then notices Dolores outside. He runs out to meet her, she is glad he came back, then rides off on her horse. Teddy follows and the two ride together. She explains the nature of a Judas steer in a cowherd, Teddy is a greenhorn. At night they ride back to her ranch. When close they hear gunshots, Teddy grabs a rifle and goes to see. A man murders Dolores’ parents and pours milk over the bodies. Teddy comes in shooting and takes out the villains. A voice explains to Dolores her world is made to gratify the Newcomers.